Welcome Message

We cordially welcome you
to the 13th IJSO 2016

December 2 – 11, 2016
Denpasar Bali INDONESIA

On behalf of the Government of Republic of Indonesia, it is truly honor for Indonesia to host the 13th International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) 2016. This precious moment will be held on December 2nd to 11th 2016 in the island of Bali.

We are deeply proud to have IJSO 2016 being held in the one of our most beautiful island, Land of Gods where one find a spectacular blend of nature scenery and a vibrant culture exude peace and serenity. We believe that this magnificence of Bali would be an inspiration to the attendants of IJSO to maintain the spirit in proliferating the science for humanity and peace. Indeed, this great annual event of IJSO 2016 is conducted not merely as a platform to compete and to display the passion on science but more importantly as an avenue to celebrate the differences, to share best practices, to nurture tolerance and to forge the spirit of amity of our children through science.

Therefore, we warmly welcome all students who are fifteen years old or younger coming from any corners of the world to participate in 13th 2016. We dearly hope you enjoy the cultural experience and get inspired by Indonesian world heritage. We thank you for your participation and wish you all the best.

Prof. Kamsul Abraha, Ph.D
Chairman of the 13th IJSO 2016 Organizing Committee