Cultural Program

Looking for some fun you can really get your teeth into? Then you may think about our cultural program during you stay with the IJSO 2016. Read on to find out more.

What is it?

Cultural program is an art and culture based activity included in IJSO 2016 program package where you can actually experience the true fun in sinking yourself into mesmerizing Balinese art and culture.

Bali is a place that is famous for its art and culture richness. Cultural program is designed to combine the intricacy of scientific brain-storming and the heartwarming relief of art and culture quest.

What's in it?

  • Accentuate yourself with astonishing traditional Balinese wardrobe, capture the moment in the flash of a camera.
  • Learn a range of classic traditional Balinese dances that combine elements of religious and artistic influence, culminating in highly expressive, decorative and dynamic performances.
  • Paint your brush away as you solemnly learn to master Balinese traditional paintings, faithfully depicting religious and mythological symbolisms, met with modern paintings style of your own, giving birth to contemporary paintings, free in its creative topics yet strongly and distinctively Balinese.
  • Capture the moment in a memorable photograph with all the participants of IJSO 2016.

When and where you join it?

  • Leaders: during your available or free time at your Hotel Hall. Detailed information will be available at your arrival in Bali.
  • Students: will be arranged in spesified big hall in your Hotel. Detailed information will be available at your arrival in Aston Hotel.