The host country covers all costs from the arrival at the location of the IJSO until departure of the delegations. This includes the costs of :

  • Boarding and lodging of the delegations
  • Excursions
  • Medals, awards, certificates, other prizes, etc.

The Country Coordinators of the participating countries must ensure that their government/sponsor covers the cost for the delegation of :

  • Return travel to the location of the competition
  • Health & travel insurance for the period of the competition.
  • The participation fee for each delegation is US$ 1.000 (consists of 3 Leaders and 6 Students)
  • The participation fee for each Observer is US$ 2.200
  • The participation fee for each Visitor is US$ 2.500
  • Additional fee for single room is US$ 75/day

Note: We only receive on site payment for the participant fee

Do come and join us in this unforgettable innovative scientific journey in the mesmerizing island of Gods, Bali.

Let the IJSO 2016 bring out the best in us!